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The umami flavor of the natural duck fat is the distinguishing factor. This defines the delicious secret that makes “Kamo soba” very special.

Kamo Nike

- Duck meat

We use Kujo negi that is grown in Kyoto Pref. Kujo negi produces a distinctive sweetness when added to the broth while still very hot.

The buckwheat (soba) comes from specially picked buckwheat that has been ground into flour using a natural millstone.

These noodles are perfectly complimented by the broth dashi.


The secret flavours are created by carefully sourcing

and selecting the highest quality ingredients.

Kamo Soba is served in our proudly made original broth (dashi). Each day, in the early morning, we prepare the broth from scratch using only natural sea kelp (kombu) and

a variety of natural dried bonito shavings.

The other ingredients in this dish are the pieces of duck meat and Kujo-negi.

The duck is a combination of both wild and farmed.

The Kujo-negi is a long green leek from the village of Kujo that will accentuate the flavor of the broth (dashi) .

We are confident in our work.

We feel that you will enjoy this bowl of soba noodles right down to the last sip.

Kujo negi

- ong green leek from Kujo


- Buckwheat noodles


The secret flavours are heightened by the provided relaxed atmosphere

and our restaurants “omotenashi” (hospitality).

Counter seats: For customers eating alone or who wants to be closer to the action

Table seats: for private engagements or business

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